The overall mission of this organization is creating national awareness in teaching the Cameroonian Public from all walks of life how to respond to an Emergency and Save Lives. Nu Dimension CPR's Cameroon Nation-wide First Aid, CPR and AED Training Program's mission is to ++reduce disability and death from cardiovascular disease and stroke. The strategic impact goal is to reduce deaths and/or disabilities occurring due to non administration of CPR because of the lack of required training by up to 40% by 2025. The victim of an emergency, such as a heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, or choking, may be saved if the people on the scene, take immediate action! "

This great mission shall demand tough commitment from the Cameroon Government as the overall Project Owner, who shall mandate all Regions, cities and towns, public and private companies, administration, schools and churches, grass-roots associations etc, to establish organized programs that provide CPR and AED trainings and increase public access to AEDs. This shall be structured and implemented through strategic partnerships with local and foreign professional for profit and non for profit corporations within an aggressive timeline to be fixed by the government. It shall equally demand much funding from the government and public and private companies, who must invest heavily in protecting and securing the most priced asset: human capital.

The Vision

To align Cameroon with world stage countries in providing preventive and prompt CPR education and sensitization.

The vision of the Cameroon government CPR Training Program is align Cameroon with world stage countries in providing preventive and prompt CPR education and sensitization to the greatest number of non professional public Bystander CPR administrators so as to promptly save a life as and when the occasion may arise, as it does daily.

From CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillator (AED) training to injury prevention courses, blood-borne pathogens training and community disaster education, the Cameroonian Government and its' people can team up with a trusted American company in health and safety training, to save Cameroonian lives and promote healthy and solid Cameroonian workforce.

NU Dimensions, LLC, a Washington D.C- based healthcare training provider, offers complete, flexible programs that the entire Cameroonian community stay prepared for virtually any life-threatening situation. To achieve our aggressive goals, it is recommended that the Cameroon government articulates a strong commitment to realizing Nu Dimension's stated goals that would include involving/mobilizing all sectors of the community. Including CPR training as a mandatory curriculum is education starting from children aged 8 in primary schools and above through University education and professional school education would go a long way to achieve these goals amongst others.