• Convenience. Classes can be scheduled at your facility at a time that works for you: daytime, evenings and weekends. You can even become an authorized provider and have one of your staff trained as NU Dimension instructor to train the rest of your staff. ( Train the Trainer Program)
  • Cost-effective training. Materials and instruction are provided at reasonable rates, whether you want one course or several. And because NU Dimension is a non-profit organization, the dollars you invest in training go right back into your community to support lifesaving emergency preparedness and response programs.
  • Consistency nationwide. NU Dimension has customer-tested standardized courses with a solid base of practiced instructors to deliver them. Whether you need training in Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda, Ebolowa, Garoua, Limber o Ngaoundere etc, you'll receive the same high quality training through a network of NU Dimension chapters across the country.
  • Complete emergency preparedness. From CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillator training to injury prevention courses, bloodborne pathogens training and community disaster education, NU Dimension shall offer complete, flexible programs that help the entire Cameroonian community stay prepared for virtually any life-threatening situation.
  • Courses developed by experts, using American Red Cross materials and developed in collaboration with leading educational and medical authorities. NU Dimension's first aid and CPR/AED courses incorporate the latest science for first aid, CPR and emergency cardiovascular care, meet world/global Guidelines for First Aid and bring the entire Cameroonian community a wealth of educational innovations.
  • Certified instructors. High quality, standardized instructor training is provided nationwide.
  • Participant certification. Internationally-recognized course completion certificates are presented to participants who meet the course objectives.
  • Relief from record-keeping burden. Participant and instructor certification and recertification records are maintained at your local NU Dimension office. Our service commitment means that you can just focus on training and leave the administrative chores to us.


  • Weekends, Evenings, Business Hours.
  • Off-Site Facilities Available in Many Areas.
  • Complete Audio-Visual Presentations.
  • Instruction by Hospital & Safety Organization Affiliated Trainers.
  • Hands on instruction with the newest and most sanitary equipment available.
  • All courses include the most current regulations & standards.
  • Programs delivered in English, French, Pidgin English and local dialects/
  • Massive use of CRTV radio and TV programs, private radio stations and TVs as well as grass-roots forums: churches, cultural associations, meetings and other gatherings.


  • National Awareness articulated by the government by pronouncing week and month of each year as National CPR/AED Awareness day/Week with the goal of encouraging Regions, cities and towns, companies, administration, schools and taxis, grass-root associations etc, to establish organized programs that provide CPR and AED trainings and increase public access to AEDs
  • Creation of Independent Arm within Ministry of Public Health to have oversight over the Program, reporting directly to the PM
  • Minister of Public Health, Regional/Divisional agencies to collect documentation and reporting
  • Minister of Commerce & Industries through CNPS to mandate CPR/First AID for all staff from ground up,( in both public, private and non for profit corporations) mandatory training during orientation for new hires, and recertification every two years. End of course training and certification reports to be submitted to Independent Monitoring Body.
  • Internationally accredited certification at the end of program and mandatory re-certification every two years.